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My name is María Ruiz Manzano and I'm a freelance licensed tour guide born, bred and based in Seville, Spain. After spending some time in Denmark and Madrid, I came back to my hometown where I've been guiding curious travellers through my beloved Andalusia ever since.

This is an insider's space about Seville & Andalusia's popular culture and my thoughts on responsible tourism. Click in ABOUT ME to know my story!


Nov25th and the story of María Coronel

Culture | Curiosities | Seville

25th of November has been the date chosen by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to commemorate the murder of three sisters in Dominical Republic. Unfortunately, violence against women continues to be an issue regardless the country. Spain passed a law on gender violence in 2004, becoming one of the first countries to adopt this terminology ...

Nov25th and the story of María Coronel