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My name is María Ruiz Manzano and I'm a freelance licensed tour guide born, bred and based in Seville, Spain. After spending some time in Denmark and Madrid, I came back to my hometown where I've been guiding curious travellers through my beloved Andalusia ever since.

This is an insider's space about Seville & Andalusia's popular culture and my thoughts on responsible tourism. Click in ABOUT ME to know my story!


What does 'authentic' mean?

Culture | Seville

You have planned your itinerary through Spain, booked the flights, trains and hotels and now it's time to look for what to do in the different cities you're going to visit. Tourism industry is changing and we don't conform with just going to the main landmarks and must-sees, but we also want to experience the local culture to add extra value to our trip. With so many ...

What does 'authentic' mean?

What to expect on a tapas tour in Sevilla

Local gastronomy | Seville

Spain in general and Seville in particular are places well known for their food and visitors see in our gastronomy one of their motivations to visit the city. Seville has more than 4000 bars and finding the right one can be challenging so starting your stay ...

What to expect on a tapas tour in Sevilla